TCB Group takes over the GILDE brewery in Hannover

Feldschlößchen brewery installs a new 5L Keg filling line.

Brasserie Champigneulles proudly becomes integrated supplier of Mercadona S.A., the biggest Spanish retailer!

Brasserie Champigneulles installes yet another can filling line and a new line to fill 1L glass bottles.

Feldschlößchen brewery starts production with a newly installed can filling line.

Feldschlösschen brewery and the equally named brand are acquired from Carlsberg Group. The acquisition increases the annual output of the TCB group to 7 million hectolitres.

The can and PET filling capacities are increased by building a new PET line in Germany and a new Can filling line in France. Brewing capacities are also increased in both sites to match the growing sales numbers.


Brasserie Champigneulles starts production with the new can filling line.

TCB launches the subsidiary TCB Beverages to organise the sales and distribution business of the breweries.

TCB takes over a large brewing site in France from Kronenbourg and names the company Brasserie Champigneulles SAS.

A second PET line is built in Frankfurt to meet the demand from the rapidly growing client base.

The packaging company Viaplast is set up to melt the pre-forms needed for the PET filling lines.

Frankfurter Brauhaus invests heavily to build a new PET line and storage facilities.

TCB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH acquires the brewery in Frankfurt (oder) from Brau & Brunnen and names the new company Frankfurter Brauhaus GmbH.

DIN EN 9001

DLG Zertifikat Pilsator PET
DLG Zertifikat Pilsator

Internationaler Food Standard
Prüfbericht PET

CERTIFICAT BRC Global Standard Food
CERTIFICAT IFS International Food Standard


TCB Beverages is a fully owned subsidiary of the German company TCB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

The company has been set up to organise the sales and distribution business of the production sites that belong to the TCB Group.

Located in Frankfurt(Oder), we are the commercial face of three beer breweries in Germany and France with a combined total capacity of 10 million hectolitres p.a.

This makes TCB Beverages one of the biggest private label players in the European beverages market.

Competitive Advatage

We are specialized to supply private label and top budget products, which means we do not follow an “own brand” strategy.
This helps us to offer the most competitive prices on the market. But that’s not the only reason why our customers buy from us!

Most of our competitors focus on their own brands and regard the private label business as less important. When it comes to the decision which product to produce first, they will certainly choose their brand over your private label!

We do not share this conflict of interest because we have the objective to become the worlds biggest private label beer supplier. So if you buy your private label from us you are always first!