Brewing 3,500 khl

3 PET lines 2,900 khl
Returnable glass line 600 khl
KEG line 100 khl


Brewing 5,000 khl

Glass line I 700 khl
Glass line II 600 khl
Glass line III 600 khl
3 Can filling lines 3,300 khl


Brewing  2,000 khl

Can filling line 800 khl
Returnable glass line 700 khl
PET line 700 khl
KEG line 1550 khl
Glass line (combi) 600 khl

5L KEG line


All our breweries are modern, highly efficient industrial plants with a total combined brewing capacity of more than 10 m hectolitres p.a.

The brewing, filling and packaging possibilities are virtually unlimited and currently we have well over 100 different products on sale.

Quality is still our highest concern, which is why we have introduced on site quality control where all our products are continuously monitored by highly qualified staff.

In addition, we frequently hire external labs to check the quality of our products.

All our sites are of course ISO, IFS, BRC, etc. certified. All this effort pays off and we have been winning an average of 10 gold medals every year for best quality at the DLG award.