The correct storage for beer

Beer cannot be stored for ever. Depending on the type and packaging, the shelf life of our beer is between 8 and 15 months. For the beer to keep its flavour, it should generally be stored in a dark place at a constant temperature of around 4-7 °C. This may vary depending on the kind of beer. You can obtain more detailed information from our contact partners.

Correct storage for maximum beer enjoyment

This is how beer will taste the best

Beer should generally be consumed when it’s fresh. So that it can develop its best flavour, we suggest a drinking temperature of 6-8°C, and 11-13°C for top-fermented and aromatic beer. The beer glass must be completely clean and free from grease so the perfect foam head can be created. It is a quality feature of the beer and the result of the gas that is released after pouring.

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