Our Production sites worldwide

Frankfurt (GER)

With the acquisition of the group’s first brewery, extensive investment in modernisation took place as early as 2003. Today, Frankfurter Brauhaus has three PET lines, one bottling line for reusable bottles and one for kegs. We are therefore able to produce an overall volume of up to 3 million hectolitres. Whether Pilsner, export, wheat beer, Radler or premium festival beer, Frankfurt produces multi-award winning types of beer.

Capacity: 3.000.000 hl
3 PET bottling lines, 1 returnable glass bottling line, 1 can filling line, 1 keg filling line

More information about the Frankfurt Brewery

Champigneulles (FRA)

Champigneulles is the oldest active brewery in France. Since 1897, this name has been a synonym for quality. Today, in addition to its own brand, numerous beer specialities are brewed at this site, which are sold to supermarket chains and well-known retail brands in all of Europe. In total, this site can produce more than 4 million hectolitres of beer, with three bottling lines for bottles and three for cans.

Capacity: 4.000.000 hl
3 glass bottling lines, 3 can filling lines, 1 keg filling line

More information about Brasserie Champigneulles

Dresden (GER)

Part of the group of companies since 2011, the Feldschlößchen Brewery has a long brewing tradition. Top-class quality beers such as Pilsner, Hefeweizen, Export, Alkoholfrei, Urbock, Radler and Schwarzbier are from Dresden. The site produces about 2 million hectolitres of beer, in glass bottles, cans and kegs. Thanks to premium quality and a comprehensive range, Feldschlößchen is a reliable partner for retail chains, specialist beverage markets and the catering trade.

Capacity: 2.000.000 hl
2 glass bottling lines, 1 can filling line, 2 keg filling lines

More information about the traditional Feldschlößchen Brewery in Dresden

Hanover (GER)

Gilde Brewery from Hanover has been part of the brewery group since 2015, and is of great importance, with a capacity of 1.5 million hectolitres. This traditional large brewery is the oldest business in Hanover. Its range is multi-faceted. The types of beer produced include Premium Pils, Pilsener, Radler, wheat beer, non-alcoholic and special beers. We fill bottles, cans and kegs.

Capacity: 1.500.000 hl
1 can filling line

More information about Gilde Brewery

Charlotte (USA)

Gilde1546 has been open since 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The pub brewery is a meeting point for lovers of real craft beer, friends of German culture and everyone looking for a cool location with friendly faces.

More information about Gilde1546 Brewery

A Success Story


Together worldwide

We combine the traditional art of brewing with flexible bottling, and deliver to customers all over the world.

In 2003, TCB took over Frankfurter Brauhaus in Frankfurt (Oder), where today’s headquarters of the TCB Group are located. From that time, the demand for PET bottles grew rapidly, which resulted in the founding of ViaPlast in 2005. Since then, ViaPlast has been managing the production of recyclable packaging. With the purchase of the French Brasserie Champigneulles Brewery in 2006, market shares grew and a separate sales and distribution company became essential. Continuing investments in modern bottling equipment increased sales volume and revenues, and made it possible in 2011 to buy the “Feldschlößchen” Brewery in Dresden. Co-operation with large European retail chains such as Mercadona, ALDI, EDEKA, LIDL, NORMA and other well-known international key customers accelerated the growth of our brewery group, allowing the acquisition of the traditional German Gilde Brewery from Hanover in 2015.

With currently four production sites and an annual production of about 9 million hectolitres of beer, TCB combines the German and French art of brewery, selling first-class and multi-award winning types of beer under one roof.

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