6 x 25cl cardboardbox
10 x 25cl cardboardbox
24 x 25cl cardboardbox
6 x 33cl sixpack
6 x 50cl sixpack
8 x 50cl cardboardbox
30 x 25cl cardboardbox
1L Jumbo Tray
6 x 1L shrinkpack

20 x 50cl crate

  33cl, 50cl, 66cl, 100cl
Tray 18 units
Tray 24 units
Six-packs in Tray
Jumbo Trays

33cl, 44cl, 50cl, 500cl cans
in shrinkpacks(4,6,12)
in Midcone(4,6)
in Tray(18, 24) (shrinked or not shrinked)

  5 litres
20 litres
30 litres
50 litres


TCB Beverages can supply you with high quality products for the most competitive price on the market.

Different beer types, ranging from standard Pilsener to dark or extra strong, can be brewed according to your specification.

The packaging possibilities are virtually unlimited, so please let us know what your needs are and we will produce the right product for you!

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